Payment methods

Whichever payment method you choose, you can rest assured your payment is always safe! Check all available payment methods for purchasing your flight and extra options.

Available payment methods

We offer various payment methods, depending on your country and the time of your booking. In some countries, you will be charged a fee, depending on your selected payment method.

About Worldline ePayments and Adyen

Are you using online banking, payment via E-wallets, or bank transfers? You pay via our partners Worldline ePayments or Adyen. They process online payments and payment information on our behalf. We use the online services of the worldwide Worldline ePayments and Adyen network to ensure that your payment takes place as efficiently and safely as possible.

Your payment details will safely be sent to Worldline ePayments or Adyen. They will only be used to process the transaction; they will never be disclosed or forwarded to third parties or used for commercial purposes. We will send your ticket to you by e-mail once we have received confirmation of the total payment.

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